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Match global customers with teams from software development companies

US Recruitment And Staffing Market was valued at USD 487.32 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 568.29 Billion by 2028” out of this 80% are c2c temporary roles. Most of these roles need candidates that have work visas or at least they should work from the US. Remote jobs are on the rise though. This gives scope for India, the Philippines, and other Asian, African country experts to work remotely.

calndr_imgPublished Oct 21, 2023

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A lot of people think that entrepreneurs must be fearless, but it’s more complicated than that.

Freelancers or Consultants from IT Services Companies?

Professional Networking sites were built to connect people but eventually changed the revenue model and came into the lap of the hiring industry. Freelance networks can be considered the second revolution in the hiring industry as they took the journey from job/resume search to getting the work done remotely and paying online.

Published Oct 21, 2023

Every venture is a brand new start

Our platform helps customers hire software development teams as contractors from IT agencies around the world.

Published Oct 21, 2023
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